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Trusted Feedback

We work intensively in search of ideals that can add up in the lives of our customers. This is what moves us and we are grateful for the recognition.

Dabbir Ahmed – London

The ruqya by the sheikh was very beneficial and in line with Quran & sunnah. It helped me a lot. He taught me Adkar and recommend the right diet. May Allah bless him. I have recommended him to many and will continue doing so Ma sha Allah,Allahuma baarik.

Imraan – West Yorkshire

This brother did ruqya for a family member a few years ago. Alhamdulillah, may Allah bless him. Allah knows best about his heart but the brother was sincere to us and alhamdulillah, Allah made him a means of benefiting us.

Ahmed Ali – Stepney Green

Asalamu alaikum Sheikh, JazakAllahukhairan جزاكالله for the Hijama treatment, Alhamdulilah I feel excellent physically May Allah SWT reward you.

Mohammad – London

In this day and age, there are many Raqis around. You have to ask are they upon the Quran and sunnah? Are they authentic? After much research, I have come across Br Saleh. His Ruqya is Alhamdullilah authentic. He goes beyond and over to help those who are really struggling with spiritual issues.

Umm Haaris - Scotland

Alhumdulilah brother Abul Haarith, I want to thank you for doing Ruqya on me and making me understand more about the correct methods of Ruqya. Also the wealth of knowledge you have in this field. Allahummabarak Now I am able to do Ruqya and follow the simple steps to help myself. It doesn’t seem too much as I am grateful to be told to take baby steps in my Ruqya and not to overburden myself.Jazzakhum’Allahu khair

Sawsan - Sunbury on Thames

Highly recommend this brother for allSunnah services. I have benefitted from his help by the mercy of Allah (swt) in my health and mental well being. Very trustworthy, professional and reliable. I have needed Ruqya for black magic and possession. He used sunnah methods only. He has also helped with some medical issues too. He is my go to person for any problems I have.